Since 1947, Phonak has been passionate about creating hearing solutions that change people’s lives, enabling them to thrive socially and emotionally.

Founded in Zurich, Switzerland, the company is a pioneer in hearing loss solutions. They developed the first hearing aid to take advantage of Bluetooth® technology in 2003 and the first extended-wear hearing aid (Lyric) in 2011. Its Hear the World initiative, launched in 2006, aims to create global awareness of hearing loss and promote solutions for individuals across the planet.

Phonak’s devices are developed using advanced technology to meet the unique needs and preferences of hearing loss patients. Their hearing aids offer rechargeability, direct connectivity options and seamless integration with digital devices.

Phonak prioritizes comfort and discretion alongside technological advancements. Their hearing aids come in a range of styles and sizes, from virtually invisible in-the-ear models to those that sit neatly behind the ear.

If your audiologist recommends a Phonak device you can be confident it will not only meet your hearing needs, but also fits your personal style and comfort preferences, enhancing your hearing and improving your overall quality of life.